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Workers will understand why & how to protect themselves and others against asbestos; learn to recognize asbestos; implement procedures to protect against exposure; & how to use personal protective equipment when working with asbestos.

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A worker in a hazmat suit handling asbestos


Asbestos type 3 training allows you to work safely on construction projects and in buildings on repairs. Upon completion of the course, you will have a strong understanding of the health hazards of effects of exposure to asbestos including the types, safe transportation and disposal and necessary attire to wear when handling it.

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Safety tape warning of asbestos

Type 3

This course covers how to handle different potential scenarios and how to avoid common hazards that may occur when using a chainsaw. The Chainsaw Refresher course is great for those working in construction, forestry, landscaping and more.

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A worker cuts logs with a chainsaw after taking the chainsaw refresher course


Our course teaches how to safely operate powerful chainsaws in a workplace. This course covers handling & operating the device as well as using it on different materials. It also covers preparation, storing, and different cutting techniques.

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A worker safely uses a chainsaw to cut a large branch off of a fallen tree


Our course educates worker(s) on the dangers that are associated with working in confined spaces. By completing this course, they will be well-versed in confined space entry.

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A worker moves through a confined space after completing their confined space awareness training

Confined Space Awareness

Our course covers the dangers involved in working in confined spaces, how to work safely, types of PPE, how to operate equipment, how to summon help and so on.

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An employee is lowered into a confined space after completing their confined space entry course

Confined Space Entry

Our course will educate and engage your workers on how to spot accidents before or as they occur, as well as how to react in case a confined space rescue is necessary.

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A trapped worker waits to be rescued from a confined space

Confined Space Rescue

This course provides the skills and training needed for employees to be able to identify and respond to medical emergencies and offer cardiopulmonary resuscitation for themselves and others in the work environment.

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Employees participate in an Emergency First Aid and CPR course

Emergency First Aid

Participants will learn to respond to a variety of life-threatening situations and provide life-saving treatment until a emergency medical team arrives.

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Two employees are instructed on how to properly perform CPR on a dummy

First Aid Standard


An ergonomic assessment goes over proper office setups, positions, and postures to address ergonomic challenges and provide tested and proven solutions.

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An employee practices CPR on a dummy

First Aid
Emergency (Blended)

In this course you will learn standard first aid and CPR C essentials, both through online first aid training as well as hands-on first aid and CPR C training in a classroom setting. This is the core first aid & CPR C course

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