Environmental Sampling
& Reporting

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Protect your employees from highly toxic substances: Lead, Asbestos, Silica and others, which may cause cancer, strong allergic reactions and damage to the nervous system.

Every employer shall protect workers from the exposure to toxic substances and ensure to have procedures for monitoring, sampling and determining airborne concentrations.

Auspice Safety Inc. can do sampling for Lead, Asbestos and Silica to help you provide a safe workplace and meet the legal requirements.

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A worker in a hazmat suit performs environmental sampling

Mould Sampling

Mould generally are not hazardous, but some moulds can aggravate the symptoms of allergies including wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath as well as nasal congestion and eye irritation to certain individuals.

Auspice Safety Inc. can help you and conducts sampling for mould.

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Designated Substance
Reports (DSR’s)

One of project owner’s duties is, before beginning a project, to determine whether any designated substances are present at the project site and shall prepare a list of all designated substances that are present at the site.

Auspice Safety Inc. can help you to complete the Designated Substance Report (DSR) to fulfill this requirement.

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A clipboard with a designated substance report

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