Occupational Health

Occupational and non occupational health services to support your workplace health and safety needs.

Our Comprehensive Services Focus on All Relevant Aspects of Occupational/Non Occupational Health

Protection of your employee’s mental and physical well-being at work
Promotion of overall health and work ability
Prevention and control of health and safety risks and hazards
Prevent occupational diseases and provide advice on safer working conditions, including Covid-19
Provide information and education of risks to the employer and employee

Occupational & Non Occupational Health Services in Accordance with the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.


WSIB/Work Related Injuries

∙ Job Coaching
∙ Functional Work Capacity
∙ Assessments
∙ Ergonomic Assessment
∙ Graduated Return To Work Program


Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

∙ Functional Ability Evaluation
∙ Psychological Assessment
∙ Vocational Assessment
∙ Transferable Skills Assessment


Specialized Assessments

∙ Noise Exposure Testing
∙ Respiratory Fit Testing
∙ Air Quality Testing
∙ Pre-Employment Physicals

Our multidisciplinary team is specially trained in providing fair and objective assessments of the health of (the individual/your employee) in relation to the specific job they hold or intend to hold.

AUSPICE SAFETY INC. can also provide specialized assessments that are tailored to meet your specific needs to further improve working conditions and protect your employee’s health and well being.

Our Occupational/Non Occupational Health Services

WSIB/Work Related Injuries
• Back Care Evaluation
• Ergonomic Assessment
• Workplace Accommodations
• Physical Demands Analysis
• Cognitive Demands Analysis
• Functional Work Capacity Assessment
• Workplace Hazard Assessment
• Job Task Analysis (Essential/NonEssential Duties)
• Graduated Return to Work Programs
• Job Coaching

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
•Independent Medical Examination
• Psychological Assessment
• Vocational Assessment
• Functional Abilities Evaluations
• Mini FAE
• Vocational Assessments
• Psycho-Vocational Assessment
• Transferable Skills Assessment
• Labour Market Research

Individual /Specialized Assessments
• Fitness to Work Evaluation
• Pre-employment Physical
• Mental Health Services
• Work Hardening/Work Conditioning
• Noise Exposure Testing
• Respirator Fit Testing
• Air Quality Testing