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No matter how prepared your company is, an audit can be intimidating. Count on ASI to help you prepare for an audit to a successful conclusion.

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ASI Can Help You
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Despite the best training and prevention, an audit can be intimidating. Trained auditors dig deep; they study documents and processes carefully to make sure that you are fully in compliance. Even the smallest gaps can compromise outcomes.

ASI has a long history of helping organizations prepare for and achieve successful audit outcomes. If your organization faces an audit or simply requires assurance that its processes comply with changing health and safety legislation, contact ASI for support. We are experienced and knowledgeable auditors.

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Prepare For Your Workplace Safety

Safety audits are an extremely common practice for all types of businesses. They ensure that safety hazards are identified and eliminated by businesses in order to ensure the well-being and safety of a company’s employees. Specifically, safety audits aim to uncover areas of improvement in a company’s workplace. Whether you need to prepare for your upcoming certification from ISO or other recognized standards organizations, Auspice Safety can help. Our goal as accredited ISO auditors, is to help uncover these process gaps that could cause you to fail a safety audit before they happen.

Contact Auspice Safety today to learn more about our safety audit services and ensure the health and well-being of your employees.

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Raise your existing health and safety program
to the next level…To a New business strategy

For those clients that have scheduled external audits—such as for certification from ISO or other recognized standards organizations—we can confirm that your documentation meets accepted standards and walk you through the audit process. We are accredited ISO auditors.

For those that require internal audits, such as to confirm that current standards, practices and documentation complies with federal and provincial legislation, we can perform a detailed gap analysis and recommend strategies to ensure compliance now and into the future. We have performed such assessments for clients across Canada.

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Get your company Nationally Trademarked

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an Occupational Health and Safety accreditation program which verifies that a construction-related company’s health and safety program meets national standard.
COR is nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).
Your company will ensure a safe and healthy workplace, will have a competitive advantage for work contracts with buyers of construction who make COR a requirement for bidding and will make financial saving by reducing the workplace injuries and illnesses.

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CSA Standard

CSA Z1000:14 (R2019) Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard specifies requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). This standard can assist your company to get certification under federal, provincial, and sector-based certification programs.

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Accreditation by Chief Prevention Officer (CPO)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Accreditation Standard is intended to identify excellence in OHS management through the accreditation of occupational health and safety management systems by the Chief Prevention Officer.
Your company will ensure a safe and healthy workplace, will have an accredited health and safety management system and will be eligible for WSIB rebates.

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To the Excellence

WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program provides a roadmap to improve safety in the workplace. Your company will reduce the risk of hazard and improve its health and safety culture, will save money with rebates on premiums, and will get into a network with like-minded businesses.

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Go International with ISO 45001

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ISO 45001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety management system, with guidance for its use.
Your organization will be in an elite category of business and internationally recognized as a safe place to work.

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