Workplace Safety Audits

No matter how prepared your company is, an audit can be intimidating. Count on ASI to help you prepare for an audit to a successful conclusion.

ASI Can Help You
Achieve Successful
Audit Outcomes

Despite the best training and prevention, an audit can be intimidating. Trained auditors dig deep; they study documents and processes carefully to make sure that you are fully in compliance. Even the smallest gaps can compromise outcomes.

ASI has a long history of helping organizations prepare for and achieve successful audit outcomes. If your organization faces an audit or simply requires assurance that its processes comply with changing health and safety legislation, contact ASI for support. We are experienced and knowledgeable auditors.

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For those clients that have scheduled external audits—such as for certification from ISO or other recognized standards organizations—we can confirm that your documentation meets accepted standards and walk you through the audit process. We are accredited ISO auditors.

For those that require internal audits, such as to confirm that current standards, practices and documentation complies with federal and provincial legislation, we can perform a detailed gap analysis and recommend strategies to ensure compliance now and into the future. We have performed such assessments for clients across Canada.

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