Confined Space Awareness

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Confined Space Awareness Course

Working in confined spaces requires a confined space entry permit for a number of reasons. Confined spaces pose a series of potential risks, hazards and dangers. These run from overt, visible hazards to inherent dangers that are not seen but represent an even higher level of risk. That’s why it’s important for anyone working in a confined space (e.g. vault, well, pit, tank, etc.) to be aware of the myriad risks of confined spaces in general, and specifically with the type(s) of confined space(s) in which they are working.

Our confined space awareness course educates and engages your worker(s) on the many dangers that are associated with working in confined spaces. By completing this course, he or she will be well versed in confined space entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to provide a confined space awareness training course like this course that we offer. More training that is specific to the procedures, equipment and confined spaces on the job site must be given as well before workers can start working in the confined space.

Training must be provided to new employees who are going to be working in confined spaces before they start work. Other times when this training is needed are:

  • When policies or the training program are significantly changed.
  • When existing policies or procedures are not being followed.
  • When there are changes to job site conditions and confined spaces that could affect the safety of employees.
  • When provincial regulations require training to be reviewed.

You can check with your industry’s safety association or the Worker’s Compensation Board to find out when re-certification is required.

Since the liability primarily rests with the employer in the event of workplace accidents, it is their responsibility to make sure all of their employees receive the necessary training and certifications to perform their job duties safely. Employers will generally train new employees, even if they have prior training, because they can’t be sure of the previous training the employee received. This helps them limit their risks. If you are asked to go through confined space awareness training again, think of it as a nice refresher course.

If you are hiring a contractor for confined space work, and your employees will not be entering the confined spaces, then they will not require this training course. The contractor will be required to provide the training for their employees who will be in the confined space.

That being said, you are still responsible for producing an entry plan, and making sure the processes are being followed. You must also produce a coordination document that outlines everyone’s responsibilities on the job site. These are things you will learn about in this course so it is still important that someone in your organization is certified.

Yes. We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our course offering. New courses will be added as laws and regulations change, and as demand for specific online training appears. If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see offered as online training, please let us know! ASI offers our clientele customized training in both online format as well as in person. If your organization requires ongoing training for new and existing staff on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop a course that you can utilize repeatedly and reap the cost benefits.