Environmental Testing

The workplace environment is very important for the health and safety of your employees. Auspice Safety Inc. can help you to improve your workplace environment and to satisfy the legal requirements.

A site inspector measures environmental conditions

Noise Testing

Every employer shall take all measures reasonably necessary in the circumstances to protect workers from exposure to hazardous sound levels.

The regulation requires that every employer shall ensure that no worker is exposed to a sound level greater than 85 dBA decibels averaged over an 8-hour work shift.

Auspice Safety Inc. can test the noise in your workplace.

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Respirator Fit Testing
Quantitative and

When a worker is exposed to biological or chemical agents, the employer shall develop a respiratory protection program in which a qualitative and quantitative fit test is required for respirator that is designed to be tight-fitting.

Auspice Safety Inc. experts can do the fit test for you.

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A workplace inspector puts on a respirator
A modern and open office space

Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality is a significant health and safety concern. It’s caused by indoor environment, air contaminants and insufficient outdoor air intake.

Auspice Safety Inc. can help you to identify indoor air quality problems and to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

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