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A fire alarm installed on a wall

Fire Safety Plans

The purpose of a fire safety plan is to maintain workplace safety by assessing potential fire threats and risks, developing measures to address fire related issues, and formalizing responses to fire emergencies.

A Fire Safety Plan shall be prepared, approved and implemented in buildings and premises. Auspice Safety Inc. fire experts will help you with developing and implementing your Fire safety Plan to protect your assets.

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Fire Safety Audits

Fires can have devastating financial consequences for  businesses of all sizes. They can destroy the livelihood of a business owner and their employees as well. That’s why fire safety is no joke, and why fire safety audits are important for all businesses and business owners.

A fire safety audit examines the your workplace in relation to provincial and federal codes and standards. The audit evaluates how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety and can improve the overall safety of a workplace. Auspice Safety Inc. auditors can provide you with their expertise.

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Fire Safety Inspection
A group of professionals attend a training session by Auspice Safety

Fire Safety Training

Auspice Safety Inc. provides fire safety training programs to ensure that all your employees are trained to react quickly and efficiently in the case of a fire emergency.

Our fire safety training is an OHSA based program that teaches about fire code requirements in the workplace, evacuation guidelines, and the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Contact us to learn more about our safety training programs!

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Fire Inspection

Checking, inspecting and testing of fire safety devices is extremely important for your business, to ensure that the safety devices will perform with its intended function.

Auspice Safety Inc. fire experts will do the inspection for you. Our team has a fire safety inspection checklist that ensures equipment like sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and fire alarms are working properly. Contact us to learn more about our fire inspection services!

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A man inspects fire extinguishers to ensure they are safe

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