Power Elevated Working Platforms

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A worker on a boom lift works on some trees

Promoting Safe Inspection, Use & Operation of Power Elevated Working Platforms

Our Power Elevated Working Platforms Training program educates workers on how to inspect, use and operate aerial lifts or elevated work platforms. It provides knowledge on the hazards associated with this equipment as well as proper prevention and control methods. Our course prepares our students on both the theoretical and practical side of Power Elevated Working Platforms in order for them to have a full knowledge of potential scenarios that can occur and how to react if they are faced with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

This can vary from province to province as they have their own set of health & safety regulations. For instance, Ontario does not have an expiry for elevated work platform certifications. Employers can set their own expiration dates for these certifications if they choose to. Our training course will take your province’s health and safety regulations into account so you are trained to stay compliant.

Every elevated platform must keep a maintenance and inspection record tag attached to the platform near the operator’s station. The unit’s operating manual must also be kept with the platform and stored in a way that the operator can access it regardless of whether the platform is elevated or not.

Yes, it is. Regulations across Canada for working at heights require proper fall arrest equipment to be worn when working at heights greater than 3 meters. Even when an elevated platform has a guard rail in place, there is still a risk of a worker falling over it and only fall arrest equipment can save them from a severe or fatal injury.

Not at all! Power elevated platforms are used in many different industries including warehousing & logistics, retail, tree removal, and utilities. We offer this and other training courses for different industries that includes specific equipment and safety, ASI offers safety training to a wide range of businesses and organizations. We have worked with countless clients on training for various health and safety situations and can give you industry specific knowledge to get the most out of your training course.

Yes. We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our course offering. New courses will be added as laws and regulations change, and as demand for specific online training appears. If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see offered as online training, please let us know! ASI offers our clientele customized training in both online format as well as in person. If your organization requires ongoing training for new and existing staff on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop a course that you can utilize repeatedly and reap the cost benefits.