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The Cost Of Workplace Injuries In Ontario

January 17th, 2022|

According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, more than 250,000 people are injured in Ontario workplaces each year. The direct cost (WSIB premiums) of a new lost time injury (LTI) (in 2007) was, on average, $21,300, and is even much higher now. The indirect cost of each LTI (in 2007), including rehiring, retraining, lost productivity, etc., was $85,200. The annual figures today are even more staggering when you consider those numbers above are from 2007. These stats don't take into consideration the cost to an employee for their suffering or how an injury impacts their family and friends. The top 4 leading causes of injuries in the workplace are: Falls Unintentional poisoning Transport Fire/Burns Of course, these numbers don't include the over [...]

Preventing Slips And Falls In The Winter

December 21st, 2021|

There are some precautions you can take to help prevent common winter workplace hazards. Knowing the common winter weather-related hazards in the workplace can help an employer identify where an injury could potentially take place and prevent it from occurring. Sidewalks, Streets and Floors. Make sure your sidewalks, steps and driveways are shovelled. These areas can pose a serious threat to workers and others who enter the building or facility site. You should consider placing winter salt on your sidewalks and streets after snowfalls and ice storms in order to improve traction for people walking and prevent falls.  Employers should encourage their employees to walk more slowly and pay attention to the conditions of the area. Check any gutters to [...]

Winter Driving Tips

December 13th, 2021|

Winter driving can bring on many hazards that aren't there in the warmer months. Snow and ice can seriously hinder our driving. We have some valuable winter driving tips to help make winter driving safer for you, your employees and your family. What makes the difference between an ordinary driver and a good one? A usual driver reacts to road situations. A  better driver anticipates problems and avoids them. Driving in winter weather has challenges for vehicles and their drivers. Keeping your vehicle in good technical and mechanical repair reduces your chances for any problems while driving - especially in winter weather. Many of us travel by car to visit family and friends during the winter, especially during the holiday [...]

New Occupational Health Services

December 6th, 2021|

Auspice Safety Inc. is pleased to offer Occupational Health Services. WSIB / Work Related Injuries Back Care Evaluation Ergonomic Assessment Workplace Accommodations Physical Demands Analysis Cognitive Demands Analysis Functional Work Capacity Assessment Workplace Hazard Assessment Job Task Analysis (Essential/Non-Essential Duties) Graduated Return to Work Programs Job Coaching Please reach out to us for more information about our Occupational Health Services by calling us at 613-558-5385 or by email at

Your Mouse May Be Hurting You – Office Ergonomics

December 1st, 2021|

If you've ever stepped away from your computer desk with a stiff/sore wrist or elbow, you may not have considered it could be your mouse causing the problems. But then, like most people, you shrug it off and go back to using your mouse the next day. As you spend more and more time working at your desk, you have been putting your wrist into a comprising position for extended periods of time. Naturally, this has lead to more or chronic wrist pain. It's time to fix the root cause - to find the best ergonomic mouse on the market! Mouse size – Does one size or shape matter or does it depend on your hand size? Wrist position – What is the correct typing [...]

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