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Occupational Health Safety Canada Magazine Awards Auspice Safety

September 19th, 2022|

We are very honoured and proud to have received these Awards from the OHS Canada Magazine For 2022 Ty Arslan: Professional of the Year Award Winner 2022 OHS Canada Magazine Congratulations To Cristina Pagliarello For Her Achieving One Of The Top 25 Under 40 Upcoming Leaders In Occupational Health And Safety Award. We Are Honoured To Have Cristina As Part Of Our Auspice Safety Team. OHS Canada's Interview With Ty Arslan after the awards: When Ty Arslan thinks about the current state of safety, he’s worried about high turnover and the challenges employers are having in finding workers. That’s because turnover and safety rarely mix well, said Arslan, president of Auspice Safety and the winner of the 2022 OHS Professional [...]

How You Can Encourage Workers To Wear Safety Gloves

August 14th, 2022|

Millions of workers each year are hurt on the job from hand-related injuries. So many of these injuries are caused by workers either removing their safety gloves or just not wearing them at all. If you want your workers to wear or keep their gloves on, there are two factors to take in mind and how you can help solve them. If you want your workers to wear gloves and reduce the risk of injury, you should pay attention to the two most often overlooked factors: the hassle factor and the not comfortable factor. Reduce The Hassle Factor When gloves become in any way inconvenient to access, employees will more often than not choose to work without them. Instead of [...]

Pay Attention To Your Posture

July 21st, 2022|

Our posture while we're working at our desks can be a serious factor in having sore body and back problems. When our spine's natural alignment is compromised from things like slouching or hunching can cause our spins to compress, having pinched nerves and muscle tension. Here are some tips on how to improve your posture while sitting: Keep your computer monitor at eye level Pull your shoulders back and keep your back flat against the chair Keep your feet flat on the ground— don't cross your ankles or legs Using a lumbar support tool will help keep your upper back straight and prevent slouching Having a proper ergonomic chair can be an essential tool to help you achieve the proper [...]

Occupational Health and Safety Act Responsibilities For Small Businesses

July 15th, 2022|

Did You Know Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), small business employers have many of the same duties as any other employer, including the following: to do everything they reasonably can to protect their workers in each situation to inform, instruct and supervise workers to protect their health and safety to make sure that every worker and supervisor takes the required training, including basic occupational health and safety awareness training, and keep records of that training. To find out more about what your responsibilities as a small business are, call at 613-558-5385 us or send an email; We don't want to see your business fall behind your Health & Safety responsibilities and receive fines. Source:

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