Workplace Investigation

If your workplace has been slated for an investigation, ASI can help you through the process. We also offer workplace incident investigation training courses

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Investigation Training
& Investigation Consulting Services

A health and safety manager or supervisor in your organization may be called upon to investigate an incident that has occurred in the workplace. Without proper workplace incident investigation training, they could end up making preventable mistakes that would come back later to haunt you in court. Our workplace accident investigation training courses takes you through the steps of an accident investigation, showing how to find the actual cause and how to develop effective corrective actions. For you this translates to better cost savings and more flexibility. Not only does Incident Investigation reporting help employees, it helps to improve business efficiency and lower liability risk.

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Conducting a Thorough
Workplace Investigation

ASI offers a team of experienced and qualified investigators who are able to help your organization undergo investigations. We are very experienced with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its detailed Workplace Violence and Harassment regulations. Our clientele trusts our position as health & safety leaders to deliver results that are impartial, fact-based, timely, legally defensible and adhere to your timeline. Whether the nature of the investigation has to do with accidents or incidents, complaints about or potential violations of health & safety regulations, count on ASI to conduct a thorough and effective investigation.

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