Ergonomic Assessments

ASI is on the NMSO list for Government of Canada, ready & able to serve your
ergonomic needs in the interest of workplace health & safety.

Virtual Ergonomic
Home Assessments

PWSGC has revised the NMSO E60ZH-190000/009/ZH to incorporate Virtual Home Ergonomic Assessments. Auspice Safety Inc is an approved supplier to offer Virtual Home Ergonomic Assessments to all the employees within every department, agency and crown corporation.

Each session would be no more than 30 minutes, the ergonomic assessors would go over the proper set up, positions, postures so the employees can adjust their home offices. The employees would need either Facetime / Skype.

If you are interested, please reach out to us.

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A worker takes notes during a video call while working from home
A woman speaks on the phone at her ergonomic desk

Thorough Ergonomic
Assessment of Your
Working Environment

As ergonomic practitioners, we at ASI know how much
information is out there to help people solve their workspace
challenges. We think that’s great. (In fact, we even offer our own
handy Ergonomic Checklist that you can download for quick
reference.) But to truly get the most out of your workspace, you
need a professional ergonomic assessment.

Book a professional ergonomic assessment from ASI today.

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The Benefits Of Ergonomics In the Workplace


By reducing ergonomic risk factors, we
can hope to prevent costly
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).


Proper ergonomics improves productivity, ensuring that injuries are reduced & staff are working comfortably.

An ergonomically friendly workplace


Ergonomics ensures the health and
safety of employees.


It helps create a better safety culture at
the workplace which can lead to better
performance for your organisation

Recommended Action
Plans for Better Health
& Productivity

An ASI assessment digs deep. Our professionals come to your
workplace to perform a thorough, in-depth analysis of workers’
job tasks and their working environments. We interview
personnel to hear about their workplace challenges and study
their movements on the job.

Once we complete our assessment, we issue a full report on our
findings that uncovers workplace ergonomic strengths and
weaknesses, makes recommendations for change, and even
suggests partners that can supply the furniture or other
materials needed to implement improvements.

Two workers safely use a circular saw

Think prevention. Take control of
musculoskeletal health outcomes.

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