Ergonomic Assessments

ASI is on the NMSO list for Government of Canada, ready & able to serve your
ergonomic needs in the interest of workplace health & safety.

Virtual At-Home
Ergonomic Assessments

PWSGC has revised the NMSO E60ZH-190000/009/ZH to incorporate Virtual Home Ergonomic Assessments. Auspice Safety Inc is an approved supplier to offer Virtual Home Ergonomic Assessments to all the employees within every department, agency and crown corporation.

Each session would be no more than 30 minutes, the ergonomic assessors would go over the proper setup, positions and postures so the employees can adjust their home offices. The employees would need either FaceTime / Skype to facilitate the virtual ergonomic assessment.

To find out more about the ergonomic assessment and to book an appointment, please reach out to us.

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Worker doing an online ergonomic assessment
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Thorough Ergonomic
Assessment of Your
Working Environment

As ergonomic practitioners, we at ASI know how much
information is out there to help people solve their workspace
challenges. We think that’s great – in fact, we even offer our
own handy Ergonomic Checklist that you can download for
quick reference. But to truly get the most out of
your workspace, you need a professional ergonomic assessment.

When you hire a professional team that specializes in thorough,
accurate and well-informed ergonomic assessments, you’re
getting the training, firsthand knowledge and on-the-job
experience that results in a superior product. We know the
ins-and-outs of different workspaces, their configurations and
ergonomic challenges. Book your professional ergonomic
assessment from ASI today.

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The Benefits of Ergonomics & Workplace Ergonomic Assessments


By reducing ergonomic risk factors, we
can hope to prevent costly
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).


Proper ergonomics improves productivity, ensuring that injuries are reduced & staff are working comfortably.

An ergonomically friendly workplace


Ergonomics ensures the health and
safety of employees using a
proactive, comprehensive approach.


It helps create a better safety culture at
the workplace which can lead to better
performance for your organisation

Ergonomic Assessments
From the Safety Pros

An ASI ergonomic assessment digs deep. Our professionals
come to your workplace to perform a thorough, in-depth
analysis of workers’ job tasks and their working

We interview personnel to hear about their workplace
challenges and study their movements on the job. This
combines to give you a better, more accurate and
extremely thorough ergonomic assessment.

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Two workers safely use a circular saw
Employees in an open work space working at ergonomically friendly desks

Ergonomic Action
Plans for Better Health
& Productivity

Once we complete the ergonomic assessment, we issue a full
report on our findings. This report uncovers workplace
ergonomic strengths and weaknesses, makes
recommendations for change in workplace ergonomics,
and even suggests partners that can supply the furniture
or other materials needed to implement improvements
based on the ergonomic assessment.

To find out more about how our ergonomic assessments work
and how they can benefit your company or organization,
get in touch with ASI.

Frequently AskedQuestions

Our ergonomic assessments are a comprehensive and objective study of how employees work. We use these assessments to identify ergonomic risks such as repetitive tasks that can lead to strains or other repeated stress related injuries, improper setup of work areas, and the improper use of tools which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

Yes, they do. Employers in Canada are required to ensure that their workplace, workspaces and procedures meet provincial occupational health and safety standards. This includes any machinery, equipment or tools that are required for employees to complete their daily job duties.

There are six main categories of risk factors that contribute to ergonomic injuries in the workplace.

  • Forceful exertions
  • Awkward work postures
  • Localized contact stresses
  • Whole-body or segmental vibration
  • Temperature extremes
  • Repetitive motions or prolonged activities

These factors are the main contributors to ergonomics injuries and disorders such as lower back pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains and sprains and more.

A virtual ergonomic assessment follows the same principles and procedures as a workplace assessment, but is specially tailored to employees who work from home. Through a virtual consultation, we will have you show us your home office workspace and discuss opportunities to improve the ergonomics of your home office set-up which you can then bring to your employer.

Absolutely not. In fact, ergonomics is important for workers in all industries. Warehouse workers, office workers, construction workers, and manufacturing workers all have to deal with ergonomic risk factors, and they experience them all to different degrees.

For example, an office worker might be affected more by awkward work postures if they sit in a chair with poor posture for the majority of their work day, while a manufacturing worker who works a machine press might be more affected by repetitive motions or prolonged activity.

Both kinds of workers need to be concerned about these things to preserve their health and prevent workplace injuries or disorders.

The benefits of having good ergonomic practices in a workplace can range from reducing business costs to creating a safer and better workplace environment. An ergonomic assessment can assess opportunities and can help implement workplace practices that improve ergonomics. Some of the main benefits of getting a professional ergonomic assessment include:

  • Reducing Business Costs
  • Improving Workplace Safety
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Creating a Better Workplace Culture

Think prevention. Take control of
musculoskeletal health outcomes.

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