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An experienced health & safety partner working with you to create and maintain a
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Training and Safety
Tailored for
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No matter the size, scope or category your organizations happens to be, ASI can work with you to develop and implement customized health and safety training and prevention programs. We have experience both with government as well as private sector – ranging from small businesses to large organizations – finding opportunities to improve your workplace health, safety, ergonomics and environment. This incorporates a comprehensive training program under the auspices of experienced instructors, as well as a proactive approach to prevention and safety.

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ASI Has Everything You Need To Help You
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Only ASI offers a complete suite of
consultative, programming and
training solutions in the fields of
health, safety, wellness and

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Your Safety Partner

We are knowledgeable, experienced
and efficient, and singularly focused
on helping you achieve your
workplace targets.

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Flexible & Dependable

At our office, on your site or on the
other side of the country, ASI has
everything you need to help you work
safe and work well.

Ensuring Your Health &
Safety Goals are Met

Being a safety leader is more than just responding to workplace safety incidents. While it’s important to be prepared for what might occur, it’s far more important to be focused on prevention. And the best way to foster an environment of safety and prevention is to have staff who are well trained and familiar with processes that help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. ASI has worked with countless organizations across Canada in both workplace health & safety training as well as consulting on health, safety, ergonomic and environmental matters.

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