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NMSO, or the National Master Standing Offer, is the Government of Canada’s designation for companies that have been approved as authorized suppliers. These are arranged through Public Services & Procurement Canada (PSPC) for various Canadian government agencies in Ottawa and across Canada. NMSO vendors provide standing government procurement options to simplify the acquisition of technology products and services, for federal government departments & agencies as well as Crown corporations. ASI is a NMSO vendor for ergonomic consulting and ergonomic assessments, as well as other safety-related services such as workplace safety investigations, safety audits and safety training.

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Auspice Safety’s NMSO Contracts

For Health & Safety, Egonomics and More

The objective is to provide Federal Government Departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations across Canada with office ergonomic assessment (OEA) services.

Auspice Safety Inc. is an approved investigator under the NMSO E60ZG-180493/004/ZG . The purpose of this National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) is to assist various government departments to use the NMSO to fulfill their individual requirements for workplace investigative services relating to complaints of harassment under the Treasury Board Policy on Harassment Prevention and Resolution, disclosures of wrongdoing under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act and incidents of work place violence under Part XX of the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. The services will be provided on an “as and when requested” basis, at various locations across Canada. We look forward to providing such investigative services to your respective departments and please contact ty.arslan@auspicesafety.com for additional details.

Various Training Courses for the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Unit of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Theory and Practical training related to the following training courses under this Workstream, on an “as and when required” basis. The majority of the training courses will be held in the National Capital Region (NCR); however, there could be a need for Regional training in British Columbia (Sidney and Vancouver), Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), Quebec (Quebec City) and Nova Scotia (Halifax and Dartmouth).

In order to fulfill its obligations to provide Health and Safety Training, the LAC Human Resources and Security Branch awarded a Task Authorization (TA) contracts on an as and when requested basis only.

It is essential that LAC employees are provided with the health and safety training required to perform their duties safely. LAC must ensure its employees receive the necessary training for the job as per the requirements of part II of the Canada Labour Code and the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as well as with the directive of the NJC.

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Auspice Safety Inc – ASI – provides safety training, safety consulting and ergonomic assessments & consulting for a number of Canadian government departments and agencies. We are well versed in Canadian Federal and Provincial laws and regulations, and as such are a trusted and experienced source for workplace investigations, including those of general workplace safety as well as workplace harassment, workplace violence and more. Our healthy and safety training courses, meanwhile, which can be conducted at your location or at one of our facilities, cover aspects of Part II of the Canada Labour Code and the Canadian Occupational Healthy & Safety regulations.

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