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Setting Safety Goals &
Establishing Inspection

Workplace inspections are vital to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for workers to thrive and be productive. A site inspection is carried out with the chief purpose of identifying any and all hazardous or potentially unsafe conditions that may exist. Once the hazards and other issues have been singled out, you are then able to (and responsible to) take action to remedy the situation(s) and create a safer workplace for all employees. ASI is experienced in site inspections and can help your organization carry out thorough and effective inspections to bolster your workplace health and safety.

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Though site inspections might seem like a tedious task to some, they are essential to create a snapshot of the state of health and safety in your company, department, job site or organization. Site inspections should occur at regular intervals, e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. ASI’s Certified Health and Safety Consultants will conduct a workplace site inspection, then provide you with a report of findings along with recommendations for corrective action. We can also train your supervisors and managers on how to conduct workplace inspections and provide the necessary documentation to meet your organizations needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will look at a three primary things when conducting a site safety inspection:

  • Environment: We identify environmental hazards on the job site.
  • Equipment: We inspect the equipment used on the site to make sure it is safe to use.
  • Work Processes: We observe how work is done on the job site and identify opportunities to make processes safer.

Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations and actionable items that you can implement to make your workplace safer.

Regular site inspections are important for many reasons. They help management make important safety decisions, control costs and protect the company from liability. They help organizations optimize their safety policies and stay compliant with provincial and federal occupational health & safety regulations. Most importantly, they improve job site conditions to keep employees safe and healthy. Contact Auspice Safety today to come inspect your job site.

Whether your joint health and safety committee or representatives do it themselves, or you hire Auspice Safety to conduct the site inspection, it is important to do so regularly. We recommend a comprehensive site inspection once every three months to make sure equipment, processes and the workspace itself is safe and compliant with occupational health & safety regulations.

Internally, members of a joint health and safety committee, or a health and safety representative can conduct site inspections. Outside of an organization, people such as Ministry of Labour enforcement officers, insurance appraisers, and consultants like Auspice Safety can conduct safety inspections on job sites.

First and foremost, Auspice Safety brings a level of knowledge and expertise in occupational health and safety that is unrivalled in Ontario. Hiring us allows your business access to that knowledge and expertise. Our site inspection services are thorough and conducted with the utmost professionalism. We are able to find opportunities for improvement that most businesses miss when creating their health and safety policies because we bring an external and completely objective perspective to the table. If you want to learn more, then contact us today!

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