Suspended Access Equipment Operator

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suspended work platform with wondow washers on building

Safety Training for Operators of Suspended Access Equipment

Working on suspended access equipment, such as window washing platforms, boatswain chairs and similar suspended work platform systems (SWPS) on construction sites, etc., demands the highest safety standards. That means that proper safety training is imperative. In fact, Ontario and many other Canadian provinces now require safety training for anyone operating suspended access equipment on construction sites and similar projects. ASI’s Suspended Access Equipment Operator course will cover the essentials of safe & secure suspended work platform operations. By letting us train your staff, you’re strengthening the safety standards at your site or workplace, lowering the risk of accidents and increasing the odds of continued safe operations involving suspended access equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer health & safety training for employers, managers, supervisors, employees, health and safety committee representatives, and contractors – in both private sector and government. If that’s you or someone in your organization, get in touch with ASI today!

Yes. ASI has a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to government. We’re Ottawa-based and work closely with the federal government to develop and deliver training that is best suited for government employees. We are an NMSO approved vendor for the Government of Canada. We have worked with more than 60 federal government department and agencies.
Not at all! While we offer training for different industries that includes specific equipment and safety, ASI offers safety training to a wide range of businesses and organizations. We have worked with countless clients on training for various office situations, including workplace harassment & violence prevention, first aid / CPR, ergonomics and much more.
Our course instructors and facilitators and instructors come from a truly varied background. They are educated and experienced in their fields, so they are practitioners first. We’ve also hand-selected our facilitators as those with “people skills,” able to impart knowledge in a friendly and user-friendly manner. Check out our reviews!
Yes. We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our course offering. New courses will be added as laws and regulations change, and as demand for specific online training appears. If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see offered as online training, please let us know! ASI offers our clientele customized training in both online format as well as in person. If your organization requires ongoing training for new and existing staff on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop a course that you can utilize repeatedly and reap the cost benefits.