NMSO Ergonomic Assessments

ASI works with you to ensure that your team is working safely & smoothly
for the long haul.

A man works at his ergonomically friendly desk

Helping You Ensure
Ergonomic Safety
Wellness for Your Team

ASI has served clients across more than 60 departments and
agencies of the Government of Canada. We are cleared to the
reliable standard for the Government of Canada security
regime, we are well versed in the nuances of federal safety
laws, and we hold a joint-venture Aboriginal services
designation from AANDC / INAC. As a result, we understand the
particular requirements of federal government workspaces and
can suggest solutions that fit.

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The Benefits Of Ergonomics In the Workplace


By reducing ergonomic risk factors, we
can hope to prevent costly
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).


Proper ergonomics improves productivity, ensuring that injuries are reduced & staff are working comfortably.

An ergonomically friendly workplace


Ergonomics ensures the health and
safety of employees.


It helps create a better safety culture at
the workplace which can lead to better
performance for your organisation

ASI Can Help You Find
The Proper Equipment

We maintain good standing on the National Master Standards
Offer list maintained by Public Works and Government Services
Canada and can help clients navigate the at-times complex
world of making a call-up against this document.

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An ergonomically friendly workplace

Think prevention. Take control of
musculoskeletal health outcomes.

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