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Committee Training to
Ensure a Safe Working

Much like the Joint Health & Safety Committee certification for
Ontario, The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety
has released guidelines for safety committees in each province.
In many provinces and territories, it’s not a law yet. However, we see it becoming one in the near future.
In the meantime, it’s great training to have in the workplace to
ensure a safer environment for all workers.

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From coast to coast across Canada, ASI has locations to serve you. From occupational health & safety to ergonomics and wellness, our consultants and course facilitators will help your organization become safer and stronger.

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Safety Committee
Training for Every

As the laws and circumstances for workplace safety vary from
province to province across Canada, we have developed
safety committee training for each specific province. From BC
fisheries and Alberta oil sands to Ontario offices and Quebec
hydro plants, our provincial safety committee training
addresses the needs and regulations for your specific province and industry.

A Safe Workplace Helps Your Bottom Line

Workplace injuries can be financially devastating for a company. In 2017, an average workplace injury that required medical attention would cost a Canadian business $40,051. A fatal accident that resulted in prosecution would cost an average of $275,000 plus an average of $150,000 in legal fees. Indirect costs from repairing property and equipment damage, training replacement workers, damages to corporate reputation, loss of productivity and corrective actions to avoid future incidents would cost an average of $200,000. Depending on your business’s profit margins, it could take millions of dollars in revenue to recover from the costs of a workplace accident.

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Choose ASI For Your Workplace Safety Committee Training

Even if your province or terriroty does not require your company to have a health and safety committee, it is still a good idea to have one in place. You will limit your company’s risk of significant financial losses due to workplace accidents. More importantly, you will be keeping the people in your employ safe and productive. With our online provincial safety committee training course, you will get premium safety training tailored to the safety requirements of your province or territory. If you’re ready to improve your workplace safety program, not matter where you are in Canada, then register for our course, or contact us if you have more questions!

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