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Online Forklift Training
& Lift Truck Training

Lift Trucks and Forklifts are important pieces of productivity
equipment for your business, and online forklift training can
dramatically reduce the occurrence of injuries, hazards, and
health risks. Don’t take any chances with your employees’
safety. Use this software to learn fork lift regulations today.
Completing forklift training online will help you perform
adequate pre-operational checks, learn the CSA Standard
B335-94, understand the stability triangle, and keep your
employees safe.

Course Overview:

It’s important to ensure that all truck operators, managers,
supervisors, and health & safety professionals use this
comprehensive, engaging, and informative training software
to learn how to safely operate this machinery. Forklift operator
training can be completed in just 75 minutes. Topics include:

  • Hazard Identification
  • Competency and General Responsibilities
  • Lift Truck and Forklift Design and Classifications
  • Stability Principles for Forklifts and Lift Trucks
  • Pre-Operational Checks
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Fuel Sources
  • Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks
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What Is Included in This Course?

Training online will reduce costs in both training and compliance. Employees can be trained at the most convenient time without the need to schedule classes or waste time by travelling to classrooms.

Yes. We offer many online training courses that lead to certification. The content and learning are much the same as taking a course in person, only you get to have it at your convenience and on your schedule. Please refer to the specific course pages for more details on certification.

Not at all! While we offer training for compliance with different regulations, we also offer a variety of safety courses, including many that are specific to certain equipment (forklift, aerial lift, confined spaces, etc.) and to specific industries (e.g. health care).

Yes. We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our online course offering. New courses will be added as laws and regulations change, and as demand for specific online training appears. If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to see offered as online training, please let us know!

We would be interested in speaking with you! ASI offers our clientele customized training in both online format as well as in person. If your organization requires ongoing training for new and existing staff on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop an online course that you can use repeatedly and reap the cost benefits.

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