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Reducing Workplace
Injuries Due to Falls

Do your employees work in areas where fall hazards exist? Are
you unfamiliar with both local and federal Fall Protection
programs? Do you have the required safety nets, lifelines, and
anchors for your employees? Have you experienced time loss due to poor fall protection?

20% of injuries in the workplace can be attributed to falls. With Fall Protection and Fall Arrest training, your employees will be safer, your business will be more efficient, and your liability and risk will decrease.

Fall Protection Training Requirements

Workers on construction projects who may require the use of a fall protection system are required to complete Fall Protection training in Ontario. Program completion and certification must be approved by the Ministry of Labour and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety (CCOHS).

As an employer, it is your job to ensure that your workers provide proof completion of WAH and or Fall Protection training when workers are going to be on site with the need for fall protection. Both Fall Protection training and WAH training is valid for 3 years and requires a refresher course to be taken every 3 years to maintain certification.

Our certified program will provide workers with the necessary knowledge to prevent fall related accidents and to safely work at heights. Once completed, participants will be able to correctly inspect, select, and use a wide variety of fall protection systems.

fall protection training program

Course Overview:

Our online Fall Protection Training provides better cost
savings and more flexibility than in-class training. This
course is designed to provide a foundation for learning
employee responsibility and caution when working from
heights is required. If fall hazards exist in your workplace, this
course will help employees protect their own safety using
Travel Restraint Systems, roof fall protection, safety nets, a
fall protection harness, and much more.

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What Is Included in This Course?

Each province has their own specific criteria for when fall protection training is required. Common criteria in all provinces include situations where:

  • An employee is working at a height of 3 metres or more.
  • Working at a height of less than three meters where the surface below can cause a greater injury than the fall alone. This includes machinery, materials that can shift under weight, hazardous materials, bodies of water that can pose a drowning risk.
  • An employee can fall between an opening in the work surface
  • Any potential of injury due to a fall exists.

A fall protection plan is a set of specific steps that must be followed in the event of a worker falling from a high altitude. In order to be in compliance with occupational health and safety laws, this plan will need to be developed and the employees trained on the execution of the plan before any work at heights can begin. Our course covers how to develop, implement and manage your fall protection plan.

Fall Protection training is a generalized version of Working At Heights training. Working At Heights training is generally tailored for industries where working at high altitudes is common such as construction, or tree removal. Fall Protection training can be modified to meet the specific needs of many industries based on where fall hazards are likely to be found.

Our fall protection certification is valid for three years, however employers can set their own expiration criteria, meaning you may need to take a refresher or recertification course more frequently than three years. Even if you are certified, you will need further training if the fall protection equipment that is used in your workplace changes, or if you are found to be not fully competent in the use of the fall protection equipment in your workplace.

We would be interested in speaking with you! ASI offers our clientele customized training in both online format as well as in person. If your organization requires ongoing training for new and existing staff on a specific subject, we can work with you to develop an online course that you can use repeatedly and reap the cost benefits.

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