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Customized WHMIS
Training for Medical &

Accidental or improper handling of any WHMIS controlled
hazardous products can have dreadful consequences. Yet
these products are present in every workplace. This course
provides a clear understanding of how to recognize the
hazards presented by controlled substances through the use of
WHMIS Symbols and WHMIS Supplier and Workplace labels. It
educates you on how to read and understand the associated
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). It tells you how to handle
hazardous materials in a safe manner and what to do if
something goes wrong.

Online WHMIS Training
To Reduce Costs

WHMIS for Healthcare is customized to the needs of
organizations such as dental practitioners and orthodontists,
physicians and doctors, assisted living and nursing homes,
hospices and hospitals. It is also suitable for animal husbandry
including veterinarian and small animal practices. All workers
must receive training about hazardous materials used in the
workplace. This online training course will provide both the
required general training and a WHMIS for Healthcare
Certificate to show that the training was successfully

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