Workplace Health & SafetyServices to support your health and safety program needs

Workplace Health & Safety is a deeply complex field. Mandatory standards and programs vary across industries and across the country. What’s more, they’re evolving constantly. It can be hard to keep up.

Happily, ASI can help. We are deeply experienced in health and safety matters—in all jurisdictions across Canada. We have served clients in the public and private sectors and in businesses small and large for more than 30 years.

As experts in health and safety, we can build, implement and manage a program that meets your organization’s particular needs—and create training programs to bring employees on board. Let us help you:
• prepare for a health and safety (or other certification) audit (ISO, CSA, COR, Quality)
• ensure your workplace environment is healthy
• confirm that your workplace meets current accessibility standards
• develop plans for employees’ early and safe return to work
• build strategies to secure your critical assets and respond to emergencies

Learn more about each of our service offerings or contact us to arrange a consultation.