health and safety consultants ottawaWhy ASI?

ASI is unique in the marketplace of wellness, health and safety consultants. We are truly a one-stop shop. Only ASI offers a complete suite of consultative, programming and training solutions in the fields of health, safety, wellness and ergonomics. We are knowledgeable, experienced and efficient, and singularly focused on helping you achieve your workplace targets.

ASI also maintains a comprehensive and well developed network of trusted and experienced partners across Canada that allows us to serve customers in every region of the country. We align ourselves with recognized experts in the medical, professional and safe-work fields, such as doctors, kinesiologists and chiropractors to deliver the considered, regional advice needed in each province and territory.

At our office, on your site or on the other side of the country, ASI has everything you need to help you work safe and work well.

Contact us today and read through our site to learn about the programs we offer.