Working At Heights Alert. Attention all construction professionals! As an H&S company, we wish to share important information regarding safety precautions when working at heights in Ontario.  A recent incident highlighted the risk posed by cold and wet weather conditions on Self-Retracting Lifelines – Leading Edge (SRL-LE). These conditions caused the locking mechanism to freeze, preventing the device from arresting a fall. This highlights the need for diligent checks and proper maintenance of all safety equipment.

Here are key recommendations:

  1. Regularly test the SRL-LE, particularly in cold and wet conditions. Rapidly pull the cable to ensure the locking mechanism functions properly.
  2. Store the SRL-LE vertically, away from freezing conditions if it gets wet.
  3. Always use the SRL-LE unit as per the manufacturer’s operating manual.
  4. If the unit fails the locking mechanism test, immediately remove it from service until it can be repaired or replaced.
  5. Construction workers must always use adequate fall protection when working at leading edges.

Remember, all components of a fall protection system should be removed from service after they have been involved in a fall, regardless of whether the damage is apparent.

Finally, please note that employers and supervisors have a duty to ensure that workers are aware of workplace hazards and that workers are advised of the existence of any potential or actual danger, such as this hazard alert.

Stay safe and keep these guidelines in mind while working at heights! Your safety is our priority. For more detailed information, please refer to the official MLITSD Alert.