COR Certificate of Recognition is Here

If you are in construction in Ontario you may have already heard of it.

COR Certificate Of RecognitionSo what is COR?

COR is a Certificate of Recognition that is awarded to employers who develop efficient health and safety management systems which meet and or exceed the provincial standards.

What are the advantages of obtaining COR certification?

Having COR shows that your company puts health and safety as a top priority and is now recognized by a known standard.

There are many benefits to obtaining a COR certification including:

  • Reducing workplace injuries;
  • Creating an efficient way to manage your company’s health and safety program;
  • In Ontario, some companies and government procurement now require that you have a valid COR in order to bid on jobs, especially within the construction industry.

How can we help?

Setting your company up with COR is a comprehensive process which begins with setting up a health and safety management program.

We can make this process simple and easy for you:

  • Call us for a FREE consultation
  • Together we will determine your needs to get you certified and put together the game plan
  • We complete the setup from beginning to end of your COR certification

Our full service team has helped Ontario businesses obtain and keep their COR certifications. To find out how we can help you, contact us anytime at for a one-hour, no obligation, FREE consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!