Healthy @ work

Working for any organization, we come to the realization we spend a tremendous amount of time at the workplace, 35 hours a week, approximately 1800 hours per year. As such, being healthy at the workplace not only affects our physical but also our mental health. Having worked and experienced both office and cubicle settings in a wide range of workplaces and organizations. I would like to share a few helpful tips to make your workplace healthier for U ! !

Tips for U:

  • Going for a walk at lunch time, versus eating at the cubicle. A few walks a week, over time will increase your physical and mental health.
  • Asking other employees to join you for walks. Creating a social, fun environment with fellow colleagues. Also, accountability of taking the time to exercise.
  • Drinking more water versus caffeine drinks. Do you need to drink 3-4 cups of coffee or pop per day? Try drinking water more often in a recyclable water bottle.
  • Eating healthier at work. Selecting healthier food choices at the cafeteria. Staying away from deep fried or greasy items. Requesting healthier food choices from the cafeteria management.
  • Eating smaller portions throughout the day. Good idea to bring your own lunch, so you know what you’re eating. Planning your lunches for the week.
  • Being healthier is not easy, so having a support basis at work and at home is very important. Creates a positive environment, and promotes healthier options. Appreciating the small successes ! ! !
  • The famous afternoon crash. Avoid the junk food ! ! Have an apple, nuts, veggies or chew some gum. Even better get some fresh air. If it’s too cold, going for a quick power walk in the hallways is helpful.
  • Take advantage of the organization’s exercise facilities. Try to schedule your exercises routinely. If there are no facilities, perhaps they have a corporate account with a local gym. If not, request to see if they would consider the options.
  • Stay away from diets. Follow the Canadian Food Guide !!!! The same one your parents placed on the fridge door.
  • Taking multi-vitamins may be beneficial for some. Consult with your physician prior to taking multi-vitamins specific issues.
  • Stop emailing ! ! ! Walk over to speak with the person. Consider taking the stairs to the meeting.
  • Stretching at work. Take a few minutes to stretch out the muscles. A few minutes of stretches feels great.
  • Avoid sitting at the office for extended periods of time. Try getting up every 30-45 minutes.  Create a friendly reminder on the computer.

Try these tips at work, and I would be interested to know how you feel after several months. Share with us your stories, challenges, successes and concerns. Please contact us at



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