Does safety pay ?

For a small and medium size company, this is very relevant. The cost of safety is a fair question that needs to be examined and reviewed for such size companies. Larger companies tend to have a vast amount of resources, financial support, staffing with limited impact to the operations. I would like to examine the impact onto the smaller and medium size companies whereby the resources, staffing, financial support is either very low or non-existent, with a higher impact to the operations.

If we look at the rewards of a safety program or system, we tend to see the following gains:

Social gains

  • A sense of well being
  • High morale
  • Positive company image

Economic gains

  • Reduction in the cost of injury and illness
  • Lower WSIB costs
  • Enhance productivity and quality

Healthy workforce gain

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in accidents and incidents

Now let’s look at the some of the business challenges for small and medium size companies for the implementation of a safety program:

  • Limited staff.
  • Limited resources.
  • Limited financial support.
  • Increase in cost of injury and illnesses.
  • Higher WSIB costs.
  • Loss of productivity for workplace injuries.
  • Lower staff morale.
  • Increased training costs.
  • Higher fines.

With a proactive safety system whereby workplace hazards are recognized, assessed and controlled, most companies tend to have less injuries, less costs, and better results. Therefore, small and medium size companies need to invest in the short term for long term results. As such, safety does pay over the long run. Keep in mind, if you are continually improving, and demonstrating diligence, you are better off than not.

Over the past several years, the Ontario Provincial government has shifted its focus onto small and medium size businesses with panels, advisory committees, and with additional Ministry of Labour officers. The focus is looking at identifying the hazards at the workplaces, reduction in illnesses and injuries, and the overall safety program.

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